Living with the oceans.

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maribus gGmbH was founded in 2008 by mare publisher Nikolaus Gelpke. As a non-profit organization, it serves the purpose of sensitizing the public to marine science contexts and thus contributing to more effective marine protection. maribus gGmbH acts as the publisher of the World Ocean Reviews (WOR), a comprehensive report now published in eight volumes, which highlights the state of the world's oceans, the interrelationships between the ocean and ecological, economic and socio-political conditions.

Published so far:

World Ocean Review 8:
The Ocean – A Climate Champion? – How to Boost Marine Carbon Dioxide Uptake (2024)

World Ocean Review 7:
The Ocean, Guarantor of Life – Sustainable Use, Effective Protection (2021)

World Ocean Review 6:
The Arctic and Antarctic – Extreme, Climatically Crucial and In Crisis (2019)

World Ocean Review 5:
Coasts – A Vital Habitat Under Pressure (2017)

World Ocean Review 4:
Sustainable Use of Our Oceans – Making Ideas Work (2015)

World Ocean Review 3:
Marine Resources – Opportunities and Risks (2014)

World Ocean Review 2:
The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future (2013)

World Ocean Review 1:
Living with the Oceans (2010)

The entire publication series has also appeared on the Internet at There you can download the contents and order copies free of charge. In addition to the English version, an German-language edition is also available.

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